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Our packaging capabilities seamlessly meet each of our partners’ needs throughout the entirety of the design and manufacturing process.

Your wish-list is our command

Packaging Prepress & Design:

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We believe that packaging should provide far more than mere utility. That is why we help you craft visual experiences that promote your brand and advance your product’s appeal.


Our in-house plate making and ink mixing technologies promise superiority in production. We invite you to collaborate with our skilled design team to transform your concepts into captivating, impactful packaging.

Adhesive Lamination:

covered in glory

With extensive versatility in lamination options, we help ensure that your products are wrapped securely and with sophistication.

Among others, our popular lamination solutions include:


  • Single & Multi-ply
  • Registered Coating
  • Tactile Sea
  • Cold Seal

Flexographic Printing:

say it in full color

Enjoy brilliant design with our 10-color and expanded-gamut flexographic printing. From short runs to multi-SKU projects, our commitment to perfection ensures that your packaging stands out on the shelf, grabbing consumers’ attention at first glance.

Bag Making:

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Nobody bags it like we do!


Explore a diverse range of bags and features that seamlessly integrate with your brand’s identity and your products’ needs.


Packaging matters, and we work from inside out to advance your market appeal.

Prepare to get that bag with better bagging solutions:



Specialty convenience fitments & features

Micro venting / perforations / laser scoring


Field-Service Technical Support:

in trusted hands

Actualize the full potential of your packaging with the guidance of our field-service technicians. Whether assisting with form, fill and seal machines or with film conversion, our team offers up valuable time and invaluable insights to enhance efficiency, precision and success.

CPG slitters are laser guided for accuracy, high speed, and overall performance

Laser Scoring

Laser scoring can be used to process plastic films quickly and precisely: The laser beam vaporizes certain areas of a plastic sheet. Along the resulting continuous or perforated weakening line, the packaging can be opened easily, intuitively and without tools – so that no more contents are spilled due to uncontrolled tearing.

Cold Seal Applicators

Cold seal adhesives are often chosen over heat seal adhesives for their exponential line speed increase over heat seal adhesives, making them a favored choice for confectionery and other heat-sensitive products, such as frozen items.

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Embrace the innovation, versatility, and craftsmanship that define Aladdin Packaging and serve as a testament to our commitment to serving the world of commerce with distinction.