Our present
to the future

We are at the forefront of innovation, leading the charge to protect our planet and powering a greener future for our children.

Our commitment to the environment extends into every corner of our operations.

Conscious of our planet and its precious resources, we continue to put our environment first with:

Sustainable Packaging
Waste Reduction
Recyclables & Reusables
Energy Efficiency

Aladdin is a family owned and operated company for over fifty years and
has earned a solid reputation for producing superior quality products.

your packaging
matters, matters

We are in our sixth decade of expertly supplying the world with comprehensive packaging services that help products jump off the shelves.

Aladdin’s Sustainable Solutions

For the planet
For your consumers
For YOU!

Quote from our CEO

We never forget the power in our hands to shape the future of our planet. As a flexible-packaging leader in the commercial capital of the world, we have a responsibility to be a transformational force on behalf of our planet and all who will inhabit it for years to come. And we keep that before our eyes every day.”

Abe Mandel, CEO

Designers. Printers. Converters of flexible packaging.

Standing the
test of time

We stand on a proud record of powering American businesses with a full catalog of products that serve your products and our planet right.

Here are some ways we do it:

  • Source Reduction
  • PCR (post-consumer recyclables)
  • Recyclables
  • Compostable – Home & Industrial
  • Bio-assimilation