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At Aladdin, our flexible packaging solutions are flexible to your needs.

It’s all in the packaging

Our extensive catalog offers the complete selection of packaging products required for your business.
From materials to seals, and shapes to functionalities, we have the expertise and infrastructure to accommodate what you’re packing.






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Across markets and industries, the magic Aladdin touch helps elevate brands and stands for quality and reliability for manufacturers and consumers alike.

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From our corporate and manufacturing headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, we spread our magic and help sustain industries and businesses across our great nation.

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Customised Service

Packaging solutions tailored to precisely meet the unique needs and preferences of individual clients or businesses.


Managing every process from endless rolls of plastic to beautiful, high-quality bags, pouches, wrappers and lidding products.


Meeting the expectations of the customers, ensuring that the packaging serves its intended purpose efficiently.


Enhancing overall effectiveness to meet functional requirements while considering economic and environmental factors.

Don’t see your industry?
We see you!

With more than a half-century of experience at our back we are adept at fulfilling your wishes and filling your packages with goodness.

We pack what America consumes

Aladdin is a family owned and operated company for over fifty years and
has earned a solid reputation for producing superior quality products.

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Our growing line of environmentally-friendly products are good for the planet and good for your brand. We prioritise the reduction of waste and carbon footprint while maintaining our stringent commitment to quality.

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